getting rid of droopy bustYou just can’t express how happy you are; a couple of months ago you had a very healthy baby and months done the line, your baby is growing up to be very a healthy person. However, there is one problem that has been bothering you; breastfeeding has had a toll on your bosom. They are a bit drooping and that has in a way affected the way you used to interact with people in the past. Regaining the firmness of bust is very important for mothers after labor. To get you started, here are top home remedy tips on how to tighten loose breast naturally at home after delivery. These tips will also work to tighten our breast after weight loss.



Bust Firming Exercise

If you have saggy breast after breastfeeding, you must incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Exercise, especially those that target breast tissues and muscles around the chest are highly recommended as they can help you regain firmness of your droopy boobs once again. At any give time if you can do chest presses, round about push up and pulls among others that would be helpful. They can help get rid of your sagging breast.


As research continues to unearth other amazing health benefits of Yoga, it is widely known that Yoga is a natural mechanism of toning the body and enhancing flexibility. So if you are not happy with the way your busts look after giving birth, you need to try out Yoga. Some of the tonings you can get from Yoga can occur within the bosom, largely depending on the kind of position your common practice. For example, some of the best positions for building up the chest muscles and bosom include Cobra Pose, Triangle Pose and Standing Forward Bend.

Ice Massaging

This is one simple procedure, but the amount of benefits you can net will simply blow you away. Ice massaging is highly effective if you want to regain stiffness of your boobs after pregnancy. All you need to do is take 3 or 3 cubes of ice and massage it all round for at least 1 or 2 minutes. It will help get rid and most importantly tone the skin of your bust. Remember not to overdo it as the skin of the bosom is highly sensitive.

Olive Oil

In the recent past, essential oils like olive oil have also come out as some of the best oils, which can be used to increase the firmness of sagging breast. Every time before you go to bed, take at least two drops and use it to massage the boob. Do this every day and you will be surprised with the results. Also, does rubbing olive oil on your breast make them grow bigger? It will not only have your boobs looking rigid and bigger, but will also help improve the skin tone and texture. In other cases, for even much better results, you can mix olive oil with argan, almond or even jojoba oil.



Massage, just like exercise, is also very helpful in your quest towards regaining firmness of your breast after childbirth. Take your time and massage your breast in an upward motion for around 15 or so minutes every single day. It is quite effective for that repeated rubbing to generate heat, helping improve the flow of blood to the breast tissues. That would, in turn, strengthen the connective tissues as we as muscles, thus preventing your bust from sagging. It is as simple as that.


There is still a lot of debate concerning the effectiveness of breast firming creams, but as that continues to take center stage; the industry has in the last few years seen the creation of the best creams that can cause a very subtle firming effect on your hanging breast. Talk to a health expert today and they may recommend some of the best creams you could go for today. The best part; other than their effectiveness, they are quite easy to use.


In your journey towards regaining the firmness of your breasts after nursing, the kind of bras to wear is important. You need to invest in an appropriate bra that makes your breast look firm again and also offer the much-needed support to keep it tight, fit and high. Impressively, there are a good number of special bras available today that come equipped with strong support holders.

At the end; there is not real magic when it comes to getting rid of loose breast size without surgery; it only takes a few simple home remedies. There are numerous methods you can use to keep them firm and in shape, and the best part; most of these remedies are easy to pull off and the materials needed are often readily available. Here is one silly way to see results in a week.


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