soy milk for larger bosom

Society has put a lot of pressure on women with regards to looks and body image. Having models and celebrities with big busts and hour-glass bodies seen as sexy and with practically perfect bodies, it’s no wonder women try to achieve them just to gain more confidence.

But is there a way to achieve bigger boobs without surgery? Let’s look into the details.

About your breasts

Breasts consist of duct and lobule tissue as well as fat tissue for the purpose of breastfeeding. Women who have larger chests just happen to have more fat in them. And when you gain some weight, your breasts may get bigger as the fat cells in there would swell in order to keep some excess energy. Still, genetics play a big role on your chest size as it determines the number of fat cells contained there.

Basically, gaining weight could lead to an increase in your bust size. Although only a small part of that weight gain, if there would be any at all, would be taken to the chest area. This means that you may add up to your breast size, but you will also most likely have your thighs, hips, and waists expand as well.

Soy Milk and Breasts

Many write-ups claim that soy milk could actually help make breasts bigger. How is this so? Well, soy contains phytoestrogens or plant estrogens. These phytoestrogens imitate the hormone estrogen, which adds to breast tissue growth and swelling. Estrogens are responsible for making the breasts bigger especially before and during the monthly period. Other articles also say that soy milk contains isoflavones and genistein which can tap in the reproductive hormones of the body and help in the production of breast tissues to make it bigger and fuller. Isoflavones are also said to help fight cancer cells and free radicals that might develop in breast tissues.

Up to this writing, though, no significant scientific research has been made to support the claim that soy milk helps out in making breasts increase in size. However, a 2010 release of the Journal of Nutrition finds that moderate consumption of soy products decreases the risk of breast cancers. Although, too much of estrogen and phytoestrogen-rich products may increase the tendency of breast cancer. So it is important to note that soy-rich products should be taken in moderation.

Other foods that may help add up to the size of your breasts

green leafy vegetable image

Aside from soy milk and those breast-enhancing pills you may see on internet ads, there are other food or products that can aid in your quest for bigger chests. Green leafy vegetables are one example. Not only are they healthy, they also contain phytoestrogens and can still help boost your boobs. Fruits are also helpful in a way that they control testosterone production. Testosterones are hormones that can affect natural breast growth, something that fruits can combat.

On the overall, you should be happy with whatever body you have and prioritize health overlooks. But if it would help boost your confidence, overall, then go ahead and try these tips for bigger boobs.