achieve bigger chests while pregnant

If you’re wondering how to get bigger breasts during pregnancy, the short answer is it will come naturally. (Find out how we got bigger breasts in a week) Within the first few months of pregnancy, some mothers may experience swelling in their breasts that increase a cup size or more, and sometimes the largeness stays even after the baby is born. The reason for this change is due to hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. They are responsible in helping increase extra fatty tissue, blood flow, and cause other changes to the bust in preparation for breast feeding.




How Do Breasts Get Bigger Breasts During Pregnancy?

When you are about to feel an increase in your breast size, you will feel a tingling sensation as if you are about to get your periods. Your bosoms will feel swollen and tender which is an early sign of telling you are pregnant.

The increase in size is due to the said hormones above, which signals your body to store fat in your boobs, causing a consistent enlargement in the tissues and to grow the milk ducts from your first to second trimester.

Nearing your delivery, your breasts will further enlarge due to the new found ability of milk production to allow for breastfeeding in a few weeks time.

Why Do Breasts Get Bigger When I’m Expecting?

The main reason why breasts grows bigger during pregnancy is to prepare the mother to be able to lactate and breastfeed the child. When a women is expecting, her body is filled with lots of hormones that are responsible for shaping her breasts. The hormones shapes the breasts by pumping extra blood flow and increase the size of the tissue, resulting in the added size of the bust. However, do note that the resulted growth can cause dry and itchy skin and stretch marks. Be sure to prepare for that.

How Big Will My Breasts Become?

There is no standardize answer to this as every women is different. However, it is reported that many mothers experience at least one to two cup size bigger during their pregnancy. (Find out how millions of women got bigger breasts in a week) If the mother has gained a considerable amount of weight, then the band size might increase up to two inches as well. For whatever reasons that you do not experience an increase in breast size, it is advised that you should only pursue the goal of breast enlargement only after you have recovered from pregnancy, so as to keep things safe for your child and yourself.

Other Notable Changes That Happens During Pregnancy?

  • Yellowish leakage. You may experience some thick yellowish leakage during the last few months of pregnancy. The thick yellowish leakage is actually colostrum which is what your baby feeds on during breastfeeding, though not all women will experience.
  • Seeing little aerola bumps. If you haven’t notice, you will start to see bumps on your areolas. The bumps are also known as Montgomery’s tubercles.
  • Nipples and veins. Your breasts may become veiny and you may notice your nipples getting darker and larger. The areolas will soon become darker and larger as well. (Check Out The No. 1 Way To Grow Breast Size Naturally)