breast implants vs surgery

Women are often shown to be conscious of their bust size. A woman who has big breasts has the opportunity to turn heads from men. It is natural to see a woman feeling inferior because she has small breasts which affect her social confidence. Furthermore, with the advent of recent technology and an uncontrollable urge, many women opt for implants due to impatience; as it is quick and it shows immediate results. But what is quick and immediate also brings with it, many side effects. Below we detail why natural enhancement is superior over surgical methods due to several reasons.


Side Effects Of Breast Implants

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If you are going for the quick wins, keep in mind the side effects or risks that may occur with using the surgical method. The list below is non-exhaustive. Not to mention the effects of anesthesia. It is obvious that although this helps to get you results quicker it is not safe at all.

1. There are chances of catching an infection

2. Having breast numbness

3. Permanent scarring of the chest region

4. Misshapen breasts

5. Chronic breast pain


Getting implants done can burn a huge hole in your pocket. The actual cost varies and starts from a few thousand dollars. Meanwhile, opting for natural means to grow your breast cost way lower, not forgetting that there is no risk of side effects like the ones mentioned above.

Real Confidence

When you go for natural ways to improve the size of your boobs, you will encounter setbacks and temporary inconveniences that you have to overcome. When you overcome those challenges despite the difficulty, you will feel confident about your ability to handle your life situations better. This problem-solving skill or confidence can be translated to the other areas of your life, thereby making you a confident person overall. Your confidence will be based in you as a person and not the breasts that you have. This is what real confidence is about in the first place!

Building A Healthy Lifestyle

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When you apply the natural methods below, you are subtly transforming your current lifestyle into a much healthier and body-friendly lifestyle. You will feel more relaxed compared to before and most importantly, your emotions are within control due to the stress relief from working out and massage. This will facilitate in the natural production of estrogen.

1. Workout: All workouts which affect the chest region are shown to be effective in increasing the size of your bust reasonably. Push-ups, wall push-ups or workouts like Chest bench press, will definitely prove effective.

2. Massage: Regularly massaging your breasts increases the blood flow to them and also increases the nutrients used by the tissues there, thereby enlarging your breasts. The massage can be done as soon as you wake up, or before you go to sleep, or both the times.

3. Applying oil: Many organic oils like Almond oil or coconut oil have enriching nutrients and natural growth hormones which are absorbed by your skin and work in the same way, but a bit more effective way when compared to massage.

4. Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a natural estrogen and progesterone enhancer. These hormones are responsible for the dimension and firmness of your breasts. Fenugreek will not only increase the dimension but also make your breasts firmer. It also increases milk production in nursing mothers. Fenugreek can be ingested as sprouts or it can be ground into a paste, and applied externally.

However, the greatest benefit of using these natural methods is that it is importantly safe. While implants may do harms to your body, natural breast enhancement doesn’t affect your body adversely at all. So be wise, choose natural methods over surgery.