17 Ways To Get Bigger Breasts Fast & Naturally

Hey I’m Kathleen (that’s me in the goofy picture to the right) and I have about 5 years of breast enhancement experience.

If you are like me who often worry about the size and shape of my breasts. Then you have come to the right place.

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I know we all feel shy in admitting that we desire fuller breasts. Granting it is always a bit tricky to achieve this goal without costly augmentation surgery.

Our breasts begin their growth naturally in the course of puberty or sexual maturity and can undergo varied transformational changes all the way through the course of our life.

I often get asked when will my boobs grow, how do breasts grow or even funnier how to grow a cup size overnight!

Our breasts generally begin developing between the ages of 8 years and 13 years, however, can continue to increase into the early twenties while changing in size and shape due to weight, age, and pregnancy.

The size and appearance of our breasts are customarily determined by our DNA, weight, age, and muscle mass. Therefore we should be patient by giving them time to expand on their own when we are young.

If patience does not pay off then there are guaranteed natural ways to speed up the process once our puberty is over.

If you want to have bigger breasts without surgery, you can achieve this by following my triple threat approach.

The threefold approach encompasses exercisesdiet change, employing alternative ways to make them larger.

You should also know that surgery, implants, or administering hormone enhancement medication are not a natural way of growing breasts.

Attempting to have boobs getting bigger within a short period of time will always seem like a challenging ordeal but with this three-part method, it is very much possible.

Natural Bust Enhancing At Home

Pills & Creams

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1) Push-ups

push ups image

Push-ups are a great exercise for strengthening the pectoral muscles that are situated below the bosoms. These are the muscles that are below the breast tissue.

When they become big they make your chest area protrude on the outside and make your bust look bigger. Newbies to this kind of exercise should start with 2 sets of 5 and work their way up.

2) Wall Presses

This is an alternative form of the push-up that works your upper arms and pectoral muscles. You can think of this as doing a push up against the vertical wall.

This is simple. Stand about 3 feet away from the wall with your legs close together.

Lean in forward towards the wall until your elbows flex. Use your biceps to straighten up again and repeat the process severally.

This works to lift the breasts indirectly by increasing the muscle tone of the pectoral muscle underlying the breast tissue.

3) Chest Dips

This type of exercise works to increase the tone of the chest muscles and also the triceps. You perform it by sitting on a bench or the edge of a chair.

Using your hands attached to the chair, lower yourself such that your butt almost touches the ground and then get back up to the chair. This is done while using your hands as a pivot for balance.

4) Lift Dumbbells

This works just like the push-ups. They act by strengthening the pectoral muscles.

Work with a trusted spotter favorably in the gym if you’re new to this process. This is a great alternative exercise that can help strengthen the pectoral muscles and get your breasts firmed.

To do this, find some dumbbells which are heavy to make you feel the straining effort and lift them up above your head then gradually put them down slowly.

Do this multiple times when waking up and when going to sleep.

5) Fly Lifts

You can also do fly lifts. Lying flat on the back, with arms holding light weights, Simply move your arms all the way outward, so your body is in the shape of a cross and then straight back up.

Diet Adjustment And Gain Weight

photo of healthy breast diet

This is too important to overlook. You need to gain some weight. To naturally get huge bust, just gain a few pounds. The bust will fill out together with the stomach, thighs, and other parts of your physique that incline to gain mass more effortlessly than the others.

It’s never advisable to gain weight in an attempt to get large bust, however, it’s the most foolproof technique to ensure it. To gain weight, concentrate on fattier foods like carbs and sugary foods like cake.

Eat More Foods That Contain Estrogens

6) Estrogen Or Phytoestrogen Rich Foods

Estrogen is a hormone naturally produced in the body which enhances feminine characteristics one of them being breast growth stimulation. Phytoestrogens are plant-derived estrogen.

The balance of estrogen levels is also important low levels of hormone decrease cup size while high levels block estrogen receptor levels in the breast. Phytoestrogens help control estrogen levels by increasing the levels when low and decreasing the levels when high.

Sources of phytoestrogens include;- fenugreek seeds, green beans, soybeans, flax seeds, green or black tea e.t.c Some circumstances when estrogen levels may fall include;- lifestyle, some medications or stress.

The levels may also rise due to obesity or some medications.

Consume foods that contain more estrogens. Oestrogen is the female hormone responsible for snowballing the size of bosoms, amid other things.

Although the body naturally produces estrogen during puberty and beyond, there’s no harm in directing meals towards foods that contain more estrogen to assist the bosoms get a tad larger such as; Lentils and chickpeas, Dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, spices like sage, clover, and oregano.

Fruits like apples, plums, and cherries, vegetables such as carrots, beets, and cucumbers. Do you feel overwhelmed? This is when Breast Actives will help simplify everything.

7) High Protein Intake

Proteins are an important source of amino acids which are important in bodybuilding. Thus, increasing protein intake in your diet may be another step towards increasing your breast size. Proteins are important in breast enhancement since they help in the production and regeneration of breast tissue cells.

Amino acids from proteins are also an important source of hormones example human growth hormone and somatomedins which stimulate cell growth and repair of tissues.

There are two different sources of proteins from animals and plants. Animals are a source of complete proteins thus contain all essential amino acids while plants a source of incomplete protein and do not contain all essential protein.

Sources of protein include eggs, lean meat, nuts, chicken e.t.c You may decide to combine both animal and plant proteins.

8) Intake Of Healthy Fat

Fats may have beneficial or detrimental effects on our health. Healthy fats example high-density lipoproteins are protective against cardiovascular diseases. Fatty acids especially omega 3 rich oils have also proven to be a magic regimen in breast enhancement.

Some of the sources of omega 3 rich foods you may choose to include in your diet include;- fish especially fatty fish like salmon, avocado, eggs, nuts, flax seed, olive oil. Omega 3 rich foods not only enhance your breast but also protect against breast cancers, tumors, and breast inflammation.

Flaxseed also helps in estrogen balance. It is also important that with increased intake you exercise so as to avoid excess fat build up.

9) Massage The Bosoms

breast massage image

It has been alleged, although remains scientifically unverified, that massaging the bust daily aids in stimulating blood flow and allows natural hormones to reach boobs tissue more efficiently. Consecutively, the bust should expand.

This is one of the natural ways of making your breasts bigger and sexier. You can actually increase your breast size by simply massaging them. A study research proved that women have bigger and sexy breasts when the area receives adequate circulation.

When you massage your breasts gently and with the right technique you allow for maximum circulation around the breast area and also lymph circulation. This, in the long run, stimulates breast tissue engorgement and growth.

For better results, you are recommended to massage your breasts (every single breast) for 15 minutes daily, every morning and evening for at least 3 weeks. You do this breast massage by following a certain technique.

With this technique, you first wash your hands, find yourself a very relaxing pose, apply on your breasts the right cream for massaging your skin.

This is vital for reducing the friction. The massage triggers positive changes that end up in firmness and great shaping of the breasts.

The visible change is expected from two weeks onward. Moreover, breast massage has additional benefits for the female body. Among them includes detecting breast cancer and underlying cysts.

10) Stop Wearing A Bra

A decade-long French study only just conveyed results that bras cause females’ bosoms to sag over time. The research found that going braless improved the elasticity of the bosoms making them bouncier.

This study, however, contradicts previous reports that bras position women’s bosoms and prevent sagging.

11) Wear Padded Bras

This is a swift alternative which is prevalent among younger ladies. There’s no harm in using enhancers or padded bras to improve your cuppy look although it does nothing to change the actual physical size.

Push up bras is one of the natural ways you can choose to make your breast appear larger. It is a cheap and convenient way as it does not require too much knowledge. It is an easy way you just need to get a perfectly fitted size and purchase.

There are various types of push up bras which include:

a) Padded bras- The bras contain padding some of which is removable thus making them convenient.

b) Water, gel or liquid bras where the cups are filled with water or liquid enhancing the capsize and cleavage.

c) Plunge bras which are just used in enhancing the cleavage. Push up bras make your breast appear larger and firm with a feminine and rounded cleavage. It one of the easy solution you may choose to get breast enhancement.

The type of bra you choose greatly influence how your breast appear. These are some of the tips you need to apply to make your breast appear larger. This include:

a) Replace old and worn out bras.

The old bra does not hold your breast firm they leave them sagging.

b) Choose bras with an underwire they lift your breast making them appear firm, natural and with increased size.

However, this may be inconvenient for women with prominent ribs it is advisable that you purchase push up bras.

c) Avoid ill-fitting bra thus ensure you measure your bras so that they are well fitting.

padded bras image

12) Wear Clothes That Visually Increase Your Chest

One more nippy but harmless technique to increase its appearance is to wear clothes with horizontal stripes and embellishments on the chest.

There are many reasons why you may choose to enhance your breasts. You may do it to appear more curvaceous, to impress someone or maybe to appear more beautiful.

Well, this article has your problems solved by giving you 17 steps that you can take to have the big breasts that you have always wished for.

It all starts with clothes, your choice of clothes define how your breast appear. This is actually a simple way to make your breast appear bigger. You don’t have to look far and wide these are some of the clothes you need to purchase:

a) Perfectly fitted body suits or shape wears inbuilt bras which make your breast appear firm and big while still maintaining their natural look.

b) You need to wear clothes with horizontal stripes this makes your breast appear bigger.

c) Stock your wardrobe with tops that have low necklines and purchase short necklaces as this will not only expose your cleavage but also draw attention to your chest area.

13) Herbal Breast Enlargement Supplements

You can actually increase your breast size using natural herbal supplements. It has happened and its all natural! Doctors recommend that natural ways are the best since they have nil side effects. Certain naturally occurring herbs have a certain product known as the phytoestrogen.

This is the estrogen, similar to the human estrogen, that is found in plants. In the normal human biology, estrogen plays a vital role in the growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics which includes the breasts.

Similarly, the phytoestrogens can increase your breast size by 2 to 3 cups over a period of 4 months. They make your breasts bigger by promoting breast tissue growth. These phytoestrogens include:

  • Lignans
  • Resorcylic
  • Acid lactones
  • Coumestans
  • Soy isoflavones

The latter is recommended since it mimics the human estrogen at a greater depth. The most common naturally occurring herbs include:

  • Wild yams
  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel
  • Damiana
  • Saw palmetto

These are naturally found thus making them very safe for your use.

14) Breast Enhancement Creams

Breast enhancement creams is another step towards getting your breast larger and firm. The creams contain powerful supplements which help increase breast tissue growth. The supplements are usually natural herbal products which makes them safe and side effects free.

Some of the ingredients you may find in the cream include:

  • Fenugreek
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Fennel
  • Dandelion Root
  • Dong Quai
  • Wild Mexican yam

The ingredients augment your breast in different ways which include:

  • They stimulate synthesis of hormones example estrogen or phytoestrogens essential in breast enhancement.
  • Increase blood supply to the breast thus supply of nutrients to breast tissue.
  • Increase glandular activity and development of the breast. You can massage the breast using the creams for a period of time This will allow slow absorption of the ingredients into your breast.

15) Breast Enlargement Pills

You can enlarge your breasts by using the pills available on the market today. When you are using this pills, you do not need to exercise or do any strenuous activity.

All you need is a pill every morning and evening or once a day. These breast pills have been pharmacologically modified to have the active substances that help in breast growth and development. This includes estrogen.

These pills contain different constitution. Some contain herbs and botanical that has been supercharged with high estrogen levels which in turn leads to growth and development of breasts in the long run.

These pills are taken once or twice daily. You should allow some time for the pills to work. You will start seeing positive changes in two weeks time The pills will increase your breast capsize, lift your breasts and also make them firm.

Some of the examples of this pills include:

  • Breast Actives
  • Breast Femino
  • Total Curve
  • BustMaxx

They work similar to human estrogen hormone. By this, they can stimulate breast development, make your breasts firmer, bigger and sexier. When buying pills, it is good to purchase only those that have been approved by FDA.

16) Upright Posture

This is done when walking, standing and also while seated. You should always maintain an erect posture. This makes your spine straight and your shoulders raised which makes your chest bulge outwards.

Not only does this posture make you outstanding and confident, but also makes your breasts look bigger and sexier.

17) Surgical Intervention

When all has failed or if you feel that it is time to go under the knife, you can have your breast augmented by silicone implants. The surgical procedure is also called augmentation mammoplasty.

This is a breast enlargement procedure where the surgeon places an implant in the breast (both breasts) This implant is usually a soft silicon ball which has been filled with salt water. For this to be done, you must be in a hospital set up or a surgical center.

The surgeon makes a cut at the bottom of the breasts or at the armpit area and the silicone implant is placed inside and positioned in the best way possible. The breast area is then stitched. You will have to clean the stitched area for a number of days up to the time the stitch will fall by themselves.

Your breast, therefore, has been made appear full and bigger than before. It is also done to restore breast size and shape after pregnancy. Other things that can be done during the procedure include Breast lifts for sagging breasts.

Some risks are involved in this procedure. They include capsular contracture which means that there will be scar formation in the area the implant was placed and also the lack of sensitivity of the areola region.


To sum it all up, all these steps above could be a game changer for you. You can go through them and choose the best that you see fit for you.

If you tried the above steps religiously, you should experience some changes in a week. They all work towards the same goal and also for you to be happy with what you want.

If you want to experience a faster result then be sure to click on my secret link below. Hopefully, you’ve found this to be valuable and now it’s your time to turn heads!